Teaching & Service

UTHealth Houston School of Public Health

Co-Instructor: Advanced Health Economics (PH 3935)

Spring 2024

Brief course description: This course aims to provide students with competency in using economic theory and research methods to examine questions of efficiency and equity in health care.

Virginia Tech

VT Econ Lab Manager

Fall 2019 to Summer 2021 

Instructor: Microeconomic Theory (EC3104)

Spring 2020

Brief course description: This course explores fundamental topics in microeconomic theory. We  build formal models to analyze behavior of consumers and producers. We study the role of competitive markets in coordinating economic activities. We derive conditions under which competitive markets generate an efficient allocation of economic resources. Analytical tools such as calculus and diagrams are utilized extensively. Topics covered in this course are essential for pursuing further studies in economics.

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Instructor: Principles of Microeconomics (EC2005)

Summer 2019

Brief course description: This course provides an introduction to the way of thinking offered by economics. We discuss a wide variety of topics with an emphasis on consumer theory, producer theory, and the successes and failures of markets.

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Teaching Assistant

Neuroeconomics - Fall 2019/Fall 2018

Economics of the Middle East - Fall 2018/Spring 2019

Economic History of Diversity and Inclusivity - Spring 2018

Analysis of Economic Data - Fall 2017

Principles of Microeconomics/Macroeconomics - Fall 2016/Spring 2017 

Graduate Residential Fellow

Fall 2017 to Spring 2021

Saint anselm college

Leader of a Service and Solidarity Trip in New York City

2015-2016 academic year


Participant of a Service and Solidarity Trip in the Pine Ridge Reservation

2014-2015 academic year

Member of the President's Steering Committee for Diversity and Inclusivity

Propose and oversee programs that enhance the strategic plan of the university and organize events aimed at increasing retention rates among current students.

Member of the Alcohol and Other Drug Committee

Plan and execute active and passive programs to minimize high-risk drinking and other drug use on campus.

Member of the Enough is Enough Campaign Committee

Plan and execute active and passive programs for social justice awareness and violence prevention on campus.